Quailty Wood Dowel Pins

Metric Wood Dowel Pins

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About Our Wood Dowels

We manufacture the full range of wood dowel pins. From pre-glued pins to grooved / fluted dowel pins. All are precision manufactured and quality inspected prior to leaving our facilities. .

Types of Wood Dowel Pins

Metric Dowel Pins - Dowel Pins manufactured in Metric units of measurement (widely used in industry)

Pre Glued Dowel Pins - Dowel Pins coated with glue to assure the best joints

Spiral Dowel Pins - Grooves which allow the glue to expand, creating a stronger bond

Grooved Dowel Pins - or Fractional Dowel Pins

Fluted Dowel Pins - Grooved Dowel Pins which are also refereed to as Fluted

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