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Mahogany Hardwood Dowel Rods

Mahogany is the heaviest of all woods. It has good weathering properties. It can be stained to an excellent finish.

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TYPE OF WOOD:  Mahogany is a hardwood and has a medium strength.

COLOR: Colors range from a rich deep red to a dark golden brown.

GRAIN:  Mahogany wood is straight to wavy. The grain is usually interlocked so it makes a striped or roe pattern.

STRENGTH:  A medium strong hardwood with crushing strengths. It has a very low stiffness and is resistant to shock loads.

FINISHING:  Mahogany can be either stained or polished to an excellent finish. It takes paint or enamel very well.

KILN DRIED:  Our Mahogany dowels are kiln dried. They have a moisture content of only 6 to 8%. Air dried dowel rods can have a moisture content of anywhere from 12 to 20%. This can cause the dowel rod to distort or change sizes.


Does Mahogany work well with power tools?

It works well with either hand tools ore power tools.

Where does Mahogany come from?

This hardwood originated from Brazil.