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water activated glue dowel pins

Our pre glued dowels, with superior 100% coverage, provides a stronger bond and superior joints in your woodworking projects. Plus the savings benefits from no more stopping for maintenance of glue build up and clean up.

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How to use Pre glued dowels:

How do Water activated glue dowels work?

With pre-glued dowel pins there is no need to fill holes with glue. Water activated glue dowels provide for easy application.  Just insert water in the dowel hole before inserting the dowel pin to activate the glue. If you are inserting your dowel pins by hand: You can either use a spray bottle set on a fine spray or fill the hole (no more than 1/3) with water before inserting the glue pin. You may want to add glue if you are joining two smaller pieces.

What Size of Dowel Pin should I use?

The diameter of the dowel pin should be no more than 1/2 the woods thickness. The length of dowel is also determined by the thickness. The longer the wooden dowel pin the stronger your joint will be.

What Size should the hole be?

Care should be taken not to drill the hole too deep to allow water to pool in the bottom of the hole. A standard is that a hole should be 1/8″ longer than the dowel pin itself. Pre-glued dowel pins should be used with the right hole lengths. If you do not assure that your hole is the right size, trapped water will rise to the surface and may cause damage.

How should the dowel pin be inserted?

Our Pre-glued dowel pins can be inserted manually after moistening the hole with an atomizer bottle, but the most widely method of inserting the dowel is with automated machinery. If you do manually insert the dowels, keep in mind your dowel pin tolerance and use a rubber mallet.