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Cherry Hardwood Dowels

Our cherry hardwood dowels are precision manufactured and kiln dried to prevent warping and assure the highest quality.  We use the finest cherry hardwood and our dowels are smoothly sanded.  You can quickly view prices online plus we offer free dowels with online orders.

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  • Cherry is a hardwood and is stiff and very strong.
  • It has a golden tone then over time becomes a dark red-brown color. Cherry darkens with exposure to sun light.
  • This hardwood wood’s grain is more subtle than the other hardwoods. Cherry has a consistently high quality of grain and has small dark flecks.
  • It falls into the middle of the hardwoods based on strength. It does have good bending properties.
  • Cherry has a rich, satiny finish. Staining highlights it’s unique grain. It takes stains and paint superbly well. We recommend a light to medium stain.
  • It is a deciduous hardwood which grows in North America.
  • This hardwood has a low stiffness and is shock resistant.